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Birthdate:Jun 2
Location:Lima, Peru
(rp journal)

Born in Callaco. Graduated National University of San Marcos.

Look, I built her, I care for her, I put her back together from what you idiots do to her. I have spent more time linked to her than you have.

You hotshots may pilot her but make no mistake she is MY Jaeger.

Personality: Passionate bout her work, and technophillic in the extreme (not in a sex way) Bonita is dedicated, driven, and possesses a fiery temper that mostly only gets triggered by people disrespecting her machines or her dedication and link to them. She believes technology can fix anything.

Brief History: Born in Callao, the seaport of Lima, Bonita came from a moderately well to do background. Her family owned a hotel and a couple of tourist boats, as well as a few internet cafes and did well off the tourist trade. She was brilliant from an early age, and developed an interest in all things mechanical and digital. She started college at 16 and a year later her younger brother Miguel lost an arm in a sea fishing accident. She became interesting in bio-mechanical interfaces to find a way to help him and had just completed her Ph.D in bio-mechanical engineering specializing in neural controlled prosthesis in July of 2013.

She left Lima to join the first stage of the incipient Jaeger program. She worked on the control interfaces, and interfaces solo with Jaegers to asses their condition regularly. She manages to do this solo by only having limited parts of the Jaeger active at any given time, but not infrequently gives herself brain strain by turning on too much.
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